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Sleep Apnoea in The Junction

At Maple Dental, our dentists understand the close relationship between your oral anatomy and nightly sleep quality. Issues like snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea and daytime fatigue or headaches may be linked to your oral anatomy. That’s where our screenings and oral appliances can help.

Sleep Assessments

Do you wake up tired or have difficulty sleeping throughout the day? During your checkup, we will assess the severity of your sleeping disorder risks, and then work with a sleep physician if a sleep study is necessary. From there, we can discuss whether an oral appliance, such as a snore guard, is beneficial.
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How Oral Sleep Appliances Work

A custom oral sleep appliance works by advancing your lower jaw in a slightly forward position. This reduces airway blockage at the back of the throat, allowing maximum oxygen intake whenever you’re sleeping.

Our dentists will take special measurements of your jaw and airway to fabricate a custom snoring appliance that works uniquely for your oral anatomy.

Do Sleep Apnoea and Snoring Appliances Work?

Yes, we’ve seen remarkable results from oral appliances, allowing our patients to combat chronic fatigue and sleep sounder each night.

Sleep Monitoring for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers diagnosed with sleep apnoea may benefit from a sleeping device with an internal monitoring chip. These chips connect with a reader that allows sleep information to be downloaded for legal compliance with trucking companies.

We’re Happy to Partner With Your Dentist

Our sleep dentistry providers are uniquely trained in snoring and oral appliances for sleep apnoea. If you already have a family dentist, we can provide appropriate snore guards or other devices while you continue to see your existing dental provider.

It’s Time for Better Sleep

If you suspect you have a form of sleeping disorder, sleep apnoea or chronic snoring, contact us today to request a consultation.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.