Beautifully aligned teeth take your smile to the next level. At Maple Dental, we offer various clear aligner options that straighten teeth discreetly and comfortably.

These “invisible” appliances are a great option for those with mildly misaligned or crooked teeth or those that had braces in the past and experienced relapse.

We offer Invisalign treatment and ClearCorrect aligners.

gloved hand holding clear aligner

What Are the Benefits?

Because the aligners are clear they are particularly ideal for adults who want to straighten their smile discreetly. These appliances also don’t impede speech as much as fixed braces can and because they’re removable, it’s much easier to clean your teeth. The aligners are also considered more comfortable than fixed braces.

What to Expect

The process for getting clear aligners is the same as the orthodontic process where we will take a set of radiographs, do a full mouth assessment, and take molds of your teeth and a series of photographs. Then we will have you return for a treatment proposal appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is different. We will look at the presentation of your bite, rotations and whether it’s a relapse.

Aligners only work when worn! So all day, every day. You only remove them for eating and when cleaning your teeth.

No, there are limitations to the ability of these trays in movement of teeth with severe rotations and bite discrepancy.

After you brush your teeth, clean the aligners with your toothbrush before you put them back in your mouth. You also remove them when you are eating and will need to brush your teeth prior to reinserting them.

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